Upon the very successful launch of Deputy's Award Interpretation Project, we needed to provide example pay templates. Whilst we have been documentating many examples, we also realised that there is some confusion on how people have been setting up pay rates in Xero. Everyone seems to have a different level of understanding on what are the correct rates of pay for a specific industry. Hence we made this site to act as a forum/library to hold common industry awards. We will keep adding awards along the way but more importantly, we would love to see the passionate Xero Community get involved and contribute their own pay templates.

How does Deputy Award Interpretation work?

Learn all about how the Deputy Award interpreation works for Xero


How do I use this site?

Using this site should be very simple. Go to Browse to search for specific pay templates. If you find the one you are after, you can deploy quickly

Should I contribute?

We highly encourage you to contribute. You can contribute just for your organization (Private) or use it other Xero Users (Public).

What are Private Templates?

You can upload a pay template as private which will only appear under your own list. However you can share it via the unique URL that is generated or find it under "My" section.

What are Public Templates?

Public templates are available for everyone to use. It will be listed under the Browse section.

How do you associate the private template to me? I logged using my email address but I don't see it

We don't have any exposure to your email address and there is no account login in this site. We use the Xero Organization you authorized us access to. We save the pay template with the the organization's API key. So to view contributed private templates, you must authorize with the same organization you contributed with.

How do I switch it privately between organizations then?

You can always access the private pay template by URL generated when you first contributed it. You can then apply it to your secondary Xero Organization. And the create another pay template from it.

How do I know if a Pay Template is valid or not?

Deputy.com does not warrant the correctness of the pay rates. You need verify with relevant industry bodies regarding correctness of the pay templates. Also use the twitter handle of the contributor as well as how many times it has been used as reference. Every template has disqus enabled so leave your comment/experience

Can you help me build some complex award I have to deal with?

Sure! We will certainly help you provided it's for a Deputy customer. Whether it becomes private or public will be at our discretion.

So how do I know if I am paying my staff correctly?

We strongly recommend that you do some manual payments with a single employee and compare the rates. If all ok, then you can deploy for the whole organization